Music Camp - Montreat Worship and Music Conference

For the past 25 years children, youth and adults from First Presbyterian Church have attended the Presbyterian Association of Musicians’ annual worship and music conference in Montreat, North Carolina. The week long conference begins with a worship service on Sunday evening for the 1000 conferees from Presbyterian Churches nationwide. Daily classes begin on Monday and are designed to enrich understanding and develop skills in the corporate worship of the church. Each conferee attends worship, choir, Bible, Handbells, Orff, dance and one elective course each day. The impact of this week at Montreat is far greater than the knowledge gained at the conference. The benefits of living, worshiping, praying and playing together in community for a week are life-changing.

Each conferee pays approximately $300 for the conference registration and food. In addition, each conferee is responsible for their "fair share" of $150 for housing and transportation. The children earn their fairshare by participating in fundraising events held through-out the year. Our church budget allocates $13,000 towards the cost of housing and transportation. This year our goal for fundraising for Montreat housing and transportation expenses are $20,000.

Several Montreat fundraising opportunities will be held during the months of October and November:
Delicious homemade pies (Sweetie Pies) will be made during the October and November for members and friends of the congregation. Please see the order form in the Bugle and the pew racks. A sign up form for those wishing to assist making pies will be posted by the choir room door.

Homecoming Parade Parking Friday, October 17. Plan to park in the church parking lot

Saturday November 8 and Sunday, November 9 Downtown Art Festival parking in the Church Parking Lot.

Thank you for your continued support. For more information please contact any member of the Montreat Worship and Music Conference Committee:
Susan Roland, Chair, Kim Ball, Janine Hubbell, Carol Israel, Kris VanSickle, Joan Penland, Cyndie Williams, Evelyn Lewis and Mark Coffey.